Amada RG-50
Press Brake

Beautiful refurbished machine with a 30 Day warranty and Free loading onto your truck.

This is not just a paint job, the whole machine has been thoroughly inspected, cleaned, painted and professionally repaired by knowledgeable and experienced service engineers.

Setup and test bent for accuracy, ready to demo.

Extensive Inspection and Testing


No oil leaks, all valves tested and operational. Cylinders cleaned and inspected. Pump and coupler inspected.

2 Axis Backguage

4 Stopper assemblies included.
New stopper plates, 3 position stoppers, 2 flip up stoppers.


New relays, New CPU battery, New E-stop button, Motors tested and adjusted for zero offset. RS-232 Communication port upgrade. Lower limit switches inspected and tested.


All rollers inspected, cleaned and greased. Ball screws inspected, cleaned and greased. Ram parallelism set. Hand brake inspected, tested and adjusted for proper operation.

Punch Holders

Cleaned, inspected for wear and painted clamp plates. Punch holders aligned and tested for accuracy.


Painted, new decals, cleaned, new buttons and control membrane.

General Specifications

NC-9EXII Controller

 2 Axis Backguage
Full Length Foot Treadle
Hand Wheel
Capacity: 55 Tons
Overall Bending Length: 82"
Distance Between Housings: 59.84" Stroke: 3.9"
Open Height: 14.57"
Throat: 15.75"
Closed Height: 10.67"
Main Motor: 5 HP
Dimensions: 108 x 72 x 96" H
Weight: 6600 Lbs.
Production Date: 1991

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RG50 1991

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