Pega 357 04PC (4 Auto Index)

Production - 1994

Pega 357

45 Station Capacity:
33 Ton
Maximum Traverse: 50” X 72”
Maximum Sheet Size (with Repositioning): 0” X 144” Maximum Punching Capacity (Mild Steel): ¼” Maximum Hits Per Minute: 350
Maximum Sheet Weight: 220 lbs.
Maximum Positioning Speed: 2795 Inches Per Minute Max Punch Capacity: 1/4″ Max Hole Size: 1/4″ – 1.6″ Max Hole Size: 10 gauge – 3.5″
4 Auto Index: -2 @ 2″ -2 @ 1.25″
Approximate Overall Dimensions: 9’ W X 7’H X 16’ L Approximate Overall Weight : 23,000 lbs.

**New Parts Recently Replaced**
2 New Pneumatic Workclamp Assemblies
New X-gauge Block Solenoid Unit
New Ram Bushings and Seals
New Grease Pump for Ram Bushings (New Fittings at Bushing as Well)
Override Detection Plate with All New Insulators and Brass.
New Control Pad Membranes
New Main Air Control Unit
New 1 Liter Accumulator Bladder with Seals
New V-Belts on Flywheel 
Auto Index Complete Rebuild of Upper Drive Unit
All New Point Shafts on Drives and Driven
All Lower Stations Completely Rebuilt (New Shafts, New Bearings)
New Origin Limit Switch Sensors
2 Upper Worm Shafts Rebuilt
New Keys on Both Drives
All Brake Rods and Driven Couplings Replaced

All new parts thoroughly tested and in good working condition.

Production: 1994

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Pega 357

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